My Summer PR Internship: More Than I Expected

admin - 08/31/2015

jrizio-selfieBeing a history major, I was often asked the question, “Well how did you find yourself in the PR world?” This is a question I also asked myself when I chose to become a history major – what type of career could I possibly have aside from one in academics? Yet, I found that studying history has enhanced my ability to think critically, research markets, and to write and edit. What I’ve learned in both my major and my internship this summer is that no matter how innovative your idea is,


3E Public Relations Secures Top Awards from NJ Ad Club

Lee Groeger - 06/23/2015

The 3E Public Relations team is delighted to share that we’ve been recognized as PR leaders with three reputable industry awards. We received two first-place awards and one second-place award in the 47th annual Jersey Awards, a statewide competition held by NJ Ad Club.


3E PR earned first-place awards in the “Social Media: YouTube Channel” category for its work on client Delta Dental of New Jersey’s YouTube channel,


3 Simple Steps to Digital Marketing

Dave Scelba - 06/17/2015

I really dislike confusion and people who complicate matters in an attempt to look smart or worse — to sell you something. I have seen this happen when marketing experts describe digital marketing. It is often described in complex technical terms and therefore typically misunderstood by peers, clients and prospects. We have found presenting digital marketing as a linear step-by-step process helps demystify it. It makes it easily understood by those who want to get ahead of the competition with seamless and smart online interactions with target audiences,


3E PR Welcomes Summer Interns: Career Prep with a Daily Dose of Inspiration

Emily Maupai Zinberg - 06/11/2015

The school year may have come to a close for college students this month, but their education is certainly not over. That’s right – it’s summer internship season!

devil-wears-pradaThe days of sending interns scurrying off to get the afternoon caffeine fix are long gone. Note to college students reading this blog: if someone asks you to go get them coffee, please walk out the door, run if you prefer, and do not return.


A Year of Community Involvement…

Lee Groeger - 12/09/2014

3e-march-of-dimes-njWe had a busy year here at 3E Public Relations, but we always make time to give back to the community! Whether we’re donating money, services, or just our time, it is important to all of us that we make meaningful contributions, both personally and professionally. Here’s a look at some of the philanthropic initiatives our team took part in this year!

March of Dimes

Premature birth has directly touched the lives of several people here at 3E Public Relations.


The Importance of Employee Advocacy

Lee Groeger - 09/09/2014

Would you trust a car salesman who didn’t drive the same brand of car he was trying to sell you? What does it say about a cell phone service provider whose employees have contracts with a different company? What if an executive at Bing was seen conducting searches on Google? These scenarios all depict an extremely poor implementation of the ideas behind employee advocacy.

Walking the Walk

The concept of employee advocacy is as simple as being in a Verizon Wireless store,


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