Our Difference

Our team has been with 3E PR an average of 10 years. That means our clients don’t have to worry about revolving team members or continual learning curves. These trusting relations result in an above average client retention rate of 12+ years.



3E Public Relations has a rich history as a leading public relations and social media firm with roots in New Jersey, but branches that extend all over the world. For 30+ years, our agency has been helping companies ranging from global brands to local startups raise awareness and connect with their target audiences.


We have won our share of public relations and social media awards during our more than two decades in business. More rewarding for us than any of the trophies, however, is the client relationships we have forged and our collaborative success. Our focus on PR, social media, and content allows us to stay on top of trends and advances to provide expertise and implement innovative programs.



We employ our “3E” approach to raise brand awareness and thought leadership so clients connect with the right target audiences.


Entertain – The best way to grab someone’s attention is to entertain them.

Educate – Once you attract an audience, you have the opportunity to educate them on your message.

Engage – In order to keep your audience coming back for more, you need to engage them on an ongoing basis.

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