alt="Facebook Groups displaying on mobile phone on wood table" Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp FB5 Updates: Now What?

Emily Maupai Zinberg - 05/23/2019

Facebook’s new platform updates present users with more privacy and new ways to communicate with their friends, family and businesses. Get the latest on these Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp updates and learn about new opportunities for your business to connect with its audience.


How Public Relations Can Build Your Restaurant Chef Brand

Amy Stern - 05/01/2019

As a restaurant chef with a distinct brand and culinary offering, do you often find yourself wondering why your competitors have been featured in press that continually seems to elude you? How is it that a restaurant that lacks any sense of hospitality or ambience has been profiled on TV? Why is a local white tablecloth establishment booked even on weekdays when their food is not only lacking visually, but is far inferior to yours when it comes to palate-pleasing attributes?


8 Types of Social Media Videos Marketers Should Use

Megan Redzia - 04/25/2019

The internet and social media platforms are overflowing with content – on every industry and every topic. This saturation of pictures, trends, memes and other rich media make it difficult for an organization to stand out among the crowd. The creation and distribution of video isn’t new, however, strategically utilizing quality video content on your company’s social media platforms can draw the attention of the audience you want to reach. In fact, marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. Find out how you can use this powerful tool for your brand.


How Opportunistic Public Relations Can Get Your Brand in the Headlines

Michelle Michaels - 04/15/2019

The world is flooded with news every day, but with the help of an experienced public relations team and the right tactics, you can find opportunistic media moments to get your brand in the headlines.


see_your_brand_on_TV I Want My Brand on TV, is Pay-to-Play My Only Option?

Amy Stern - 02/06/2019

Even though the broadcast landscape is becoming more challenging due to P2P, an experienced media relations pro can secure placements without additional fees.


storytelling_for_your_brand_through_Instagram_stories How to Become a Storyteller for Your Brand Through Instagram Stories

Emily Maupai Zinberg - 01/30/2019

You may remember when Instagram announced the launch of Stories back in 2016. Many of us were not shocked the platform decided to go in this direction, but personally I was still surprised by how much this new feature resembled Snapchat. Despite that feeling of similarity, many users eventually found it easier to stay and post in one platform and Instagram stories took off. Today, more than 400 million people watch Stories daily and it’s become an essential tool for marketers.


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