How Public Relations Can Launch Your New Product

Michelle Michaels - 11/15/2019

An effective public relations strategy can help to launch your new product by telling your brand’s story to generate buzz and trial. In this post, we explore some of the powerful public relations tactics you can leverage to ensure your next product launch is a huge success.


How to Write a Successful Media Pitch for 2020

Lee Groeger - 11/08/2019

If you want to see yourself, your business or your brand featured in print, digital or broadcast media, you need to know how to write a successful media pitch. Get started with these 8 tips.


How Financial Marketers Can Respond to Facebook’s Ad Regulations

Emily Maupai Zinberg - 10/29/2019

With new regulations in place, financial marketers are seeing their Facebook ads get disapproved left and right. Find out why and what you can do to combat it.


3 Ways Public Relations Can Help You Achieve Your Marketing Goals

Amy Stern - 10/18/2019

Public relations can establish trust in your brand, reflect thought leadership, and engage with existing and potential customers. Find out how.


‘Entertaining’ PR Approach Hits Digital Jackpot for Gambling Client

Patrick Brightman - 09/23/2019

Summary: Taking a different media relations approach for an online gambling client pays off with 100+ editorial placements on media websites with high Domain Authority (DA) in less than three months.


How to Build an Effective Franchise Social Media Marketing Plan

Megan Redzia - 09/20/2019

There are five steps franchisors should take to build a franchise social media marketing strategy that aligns the needs and goals of the franchisee and franchisor. We’ll tell you what they are in this blog post.


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