Is the “Unhinged” Social Media Strategy a Fit for Every Brand?

Kaitlyn Smith
18/09/2023 10:31 AM

As “unhinged” social media marketing continues to grow in popularity among users and brands, we examine the pros, cons and risks of incorporating this messaging into your brand strategy.


Where is Social Media Headed?

Emily Maupai Zinberg
22/06/2023 9:58 AM

3E Public Relations Intern, Hailee Posnock, examines the current social media landscape and trends that will impact its continued growth and future.


Is AI a Substitute for Public Relations Agencies?

Megan Redzia
09/06/2023 4:30 PM

AI can be an invaluable asset for PR experts who are playing a key role in a company’s marketing strategy, but will AI be a substitute for public relations agencies? To answer that question, we’ll dive into how AI tools are transforming PR strategies.


Benefits of Hiring a Social Media Agency

Emily Maupai Zinberg
25/05/2023 3:08 PM

Social media agencies offer many benefits to brands that can be more cost-efficient than taking on social media in-house. Find out how we can help your brand reach social media success.


4 Things to Know About Using Video in Social Media Marketing

Michael Calia
28/04/2023 4:41 PM

With the continued rise in popularity of video on social media, the question is not to whether you should be using video, but how to use video more strategically and effectively. Read our new blog highlighting four things to keep in mind when using video in your social media marketing strategy.


Social Media Planning for 2023

Emily Maupai Zinberg
18/11/2022 4:09 PM

During this time of uncertainty within the tech and social media industries, consider these tried and true tips for creating a smart and effective social media marketing plan for 2023.


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