Social Media Planning for 2023

Emily Maupai Zinberg
18/11/2022 4:09 PM

During this time of uncertainty within the tech and social media industries, consider these tried and true tips for creating a smart and effective social media marketing plan for 2023.


How Social Media and Public Relations Work Together

Megan Redzia
27/10/2022 4:16 PM

Public relations has evolved significantly over the years, but its main objective remains the same: to increase awareness for an organization among its target audience. With the explosion of social media marketing, PR pros now have another tool to achieve that goal. Rather than only relying on the media to share key messages, PR teams can leverage owned social media channels to tell a company’s story. Although social media and public relations strategies require different approaches,


Social Media Marketing 101: LinkedIn Best Practices

Michael Calia
21/09/2022 5:22 PM

These five rules will help B2B brands maximize LinkedIn engagement and generate a stronger ROI in their social media marketing strategies.


How to Pick a Social Media Influencer That is Good for your Brand

Emily Maupai Zinberg
29/08/2022 3:28 PM

Influencer marketing is a great tool for engaging consumers and creating more awareness for your brand. Read through our advice and tips for vetting and selecting the influencer that suits your brand the best.


Social Media Campaign Checklist

Emily Maupai Zinberg
11/07/2022 1:10 PM

Read through our social media campaign checklist before creating or planning your next campaign to avoid pitfalls and ensure success.


Setting Your Brand Up for Lead Gen Success

Vanessa Shepherd
09/06/2022 4:31 PM

Brands should approach their marketing and public relations (PR) efforts in a cohesive way to be in a better position to generate leads consistently on all the channels they’re leveraging.


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