Evaluating Your Search Engine Position Ranking… To Master an SEO Strategy

06/05/2014 10:46 AM

daveLast month alone, Google processed 13.1 billion core search queries, followed by Microsoft with 3.6 billion, Yahoo at 2 billion, Ask Network with 478 million, and AOL Inc. with 259 million. And that was just in the United States. Google led the market share for global searches owning 67.5%, followed by Microsoft with 18.6%, Yahoo holding 10.1%, Ask with 2.5%, and AOL with 1.3%

There are hundreds of search engines to choose from and many that cater to specific industries or types of content.


Position Analysis Report… What’s Your Search Engine Ranking?

Dave Scelba
24/04/2014 4:07 PM

No one can argue that a strong online presence is vital to a company’s success.  For over 20 years, websites have played an integral role in marketing strategies by serving as the central nervous system to all communications. However, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies have typically taken a backseat to other digital communication tactics. This is a big mistake. A solid SEO program should be the primary foundation to every digital marketing strategy.


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