What is Lemon8?

Kaitlyn Smith
20/04/2023 4:36 PM

Whether you’ve heard of Lemon8 or haven’t at all, read through our new post to learn everything you need to know about this trendy, new app and why it may or may not be a fit for your brand.


101: Should My Brand Be on TikTok?

Emily Maupai Zinberg
29/03/2022 4:25 PM

With the right video content, TikTok is an incredible tool for creating strong and authentic connections between consumers and brands. Read more about this social media heavy hitter to find out if it’s a fit for your brand.


How to Create an Effective Social Media Content Strategy

Emily Maupai Zinberg
13/01/2022 10:29 PM

Learn how to properly create engaging social media content that will impact your target audience, grow your brand’s presence, and show bigger returns for your business.


TikTok and Instagram Make Video Content a Priority for Brands

Megan Redzia
27/07/2021 1:50 PM

Competing platforms TikTok and Instagram are making changes as a response to consumer video preferences. What does that mean for brands? The bar is going to be set high for engaging, user-friendly video content. Learn more about the recent updates to TikTok and Instagram and how you should update your social media strategy to take advantage of them.


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