PR in a Pandemic: The Key to Securing Coverage Now

Amy Stern - 10/23/2020

When it comes to marketing strategies, public relations remains one of the most cost effective-methods to achieving brand awareness, third party credibility and thought leadership. Check out these proven tactics for securing media placement now.


Public Relations and Content Marketing: Their Dynamic Relationship

Lee Groeger - 10/15/2020

Public relations and content marketing efforts should overlap to achieve consistency and strengthen brand communication. Learn about how they can be integrated.


social_media_audit 3 Reasons Your Brand Needs a Social Media Audit

Megan Redzia - 09/29/2020

A social media audit sets the roadmap for a successful social media strategy by providing an objective view of your brand’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.


types_of_content How Content Creates Thought Leadership and Enhances MarCom Initiatives

Patrick Brightman - 09/16/2020

Content – such as white papers and studies – positions a brand as a thought leader. It also strengthens media relations, creates CTAs, and improves SEO.


alt=mom-baby-computer Social Media Case Study: Connecting with A Niche Community

Emily Maupai Zinberg - 08/24/2020

The following social media case study illustrates how 3E Public Relations (3E PR) helped a client successfully launch a new product to a niche community online. Through careful planning and preparation, 3E PR created a social media strategy that not only effectively established the new brand’s presence, but also helped our client exceed their projected business sales goals.


Social Media Egagement Six Tips for Maximizing Social Media Engagement with Content

Michael Calia - 08/21/2020

Improving social media engagement allows businesses to generate more reach and notice a greater ROI on their social media marketing strategy. Because there is no one-size-fits-all strategy, here are six tips that businesses can utilize to maximize engagement on their social media content.


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