‘Entertaining’ PR Approach Hits Digital Jackpot for Gambling Client

Patrick Brightman - 09/23/2019

Summary: Taking a different media relations approach for an online gambling client pays off with 100+ editorial placements on media websites with high Domain Authority (DA) in less than three months.


franchise_social_media_listening How to Build an Effective Franchise Social Media Marketing Plan

Megan Redzia - 09/20/2019

There are five steps franchisors should take to build a franchise social media marketing strategy that aligns the needs and goals of the franchisee and franchisor. We’ll tell you what they are in this blog post.


Public relations Top 4 Benefits of Media Relations

Michelle Michaels - 09/06/2019

In today’s competitive marketplace, media relations can deliver benefits unmatched by any other marketing communications activity. Learn how media relations can help a company succeed by building brand awareness, increasing credibility, establishing strong media relationships, and controlling a crisis.


types_of_content Content Marketing 101: How, When, and Why to Use Various Types of Content

Michael Calia - 08/23/2019

One of the first steps of developing a successful content marketing strategy is understanding how, when and why to use certain forms of content. In this blog post, we’ll cover some of the most common types of content your B2B or B2C company can leverage to provide value to your target audiences.


public-relations-agency-firm-meeting-brainstorm The 6 Questions That Will Help You Choose the Right Public Relations Agency

Lee Groeger - 08/06/2019

Public relations—or PR, as we say “in the biz”—is renowned for being one of those elusive professions that can be challenging to wrap your head around, at least at first. Many understandably have difficulty distinguishing it from complementary services such as advertising and marketing. The confusion stems from PR’s multifaceted nature, which has grown to include even more service areas as the multimedia landscape has evolved. As a decision-maker for a company or brand seeking PR support,


Preparing Your Social Media Ad Strategy

Emily Maupai Zinberg - 07/29/2019

Promote your business on social media with an advertising strategy that cost-effectively reaches your target audience and drives results. Find out how to get started!


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