The Value of Media Relationships

Amy Stern - 01/10/2023

The key to achieving prominent media results is viewing the role of the publicist not only as a conduit of your client’s key messaging, but as a matchmaker between your client and the media.


alt=women-on-podcast Why You Need to Add Podcasts to Your PR Plan in 2023

Matthew Singh - 12/28/2022

By partaking in podcasts your business is not only getting exposure, you are providing captive listeners the opportunity to hear your company’s unique story and brand messaging, while attracting new customers or investors. Read about why podcasts can be a powerful addition your PR plan in 2023. 


Working with the Media: A Peek Behind the Curtain

Lee Groeger - 11/23/2022

The media landscape has transformed exponentially in recent years. What once comprised traditional news outlets—newspapers, magazines, television, radio and, later, websites—has grown to become inclusive of blogs, social media channels, video platforms, and podcasts. With this growth, the pool of media contacts has also expanded, now including not only reporters and producers, but bloggers, hosts, and influencers of all varieties.

Working with the media has always required finesse, research, and a certain level of awareness.


alt=marketing-team-plan Social Media Planning for 2023

Emily Maupai Zinberg - 11/18/2022

During this time of uncertainty within the tech and social media industries, consider these tried and true tips for creating a smart and effective social media marketing plan for 2023.


public relations_and_social_media How Social Media and Public Relations Work Together

Megan Redzia - 10/27/2022

Public relations has evolved significantly over the years, but its main objective remains the same: to increase awareness for an organization among its target audience. With the explosion of social media marketing, PR pros now have another tool to achieve that goal. Rather than only relying on the media to share key messages, PR teams can leverage owned social media channels to tell a company’s story. Although social media and public relations strategies require different approaches,


Event_public_relations Planning an Event to Generate Press Coverage

Julianna Lepore - 09/29/2022

Has your company considered incorporating events into your marketing or public relations strategy? Planning a well-executed event that achieves desired objectives requires excellent organizational skills, patience, and passion from a devoted team of individuals. Read on for guidance and tips on planning an event that will leave attendees and media impressed.

A successful event begins with identifying key messages and target audience, as well as setting goals. For instance, are you looking for the event to increase brand awareness via a new product launch or to raise funds for a charitable organization?


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