Is Your Brand Ready for a Crisis? These Eight Steps Will Help

Patrick Brightman - 03/22/2021

As the world “re-opens” brands need a sound crisis communications plan to avert potential issues. Following these eight steps can help companies prepare for the new normal.


Guide to Social Media Crisis Communications

Megan Redzia - 03/18/2021

If your organization experiences a crisis today, there’s a good chance it will start – or eventually hit – social media. Learn how you can prepare for a social media crisis, monitor for crisis situations, and manage a social media crisis in this blog post.


Four Ways Social Media has Changed Over the Past Year

admin - 03/04/2021

Social media has undergone many changes in the past year. 3E PR intern Jeanette Orlando looks at four social media trends from last year that are continuing in 2021.


7 Things You Need to Know About Clubhouse, the Social Media Platform Taking 2021 By Storm

Lee Groeger - 02/25/2021

Disclaimer: As of this writing, Clubhouse is in beta-testing phase. That means any number of these details can, and in all likelihood will change as the app moves through the various stages, prior to and after going public.

Clubhouse is the audio app that’s taken the social media universe by storm this year, attracting heavy hitter early adopters like Oprah, Ashton Kutcher, Kevin Hart, Mark Cuban, Tiffany Haddish,


Five Reasons Why Public Relations is Critical in 2021

admin - 02/24/2021

It has been almost an entire year since the world stopped and working from home became the norm, altering the balance and workflow of businesses and companies. Have you noticed your business struggling to maintain its competitive edge? Here are five reasons why public relations is critical in 2021 from our guest blogger, 3E PR intern Kaitlyn Richel.


Case Study: How PR Helped a Local Hospital Generate Positive News in a Pandemic

Amy Stern - 02/18/2021

By articulating the hospital’s unique selling proposition and distinguishing it from competitors, 3E Public Relations created a PR campaign that resulted in a windfall of media including local, regional and national news coverage.


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