4 Ways Influencer Marketing is Changing in 2021

Megan Redzia - 05/26/2021

Influencers have become an important part of an overall marketing strategy – and for good reason. Collaborating with authentic influencers can help a brand build awareness and trust among its target audience, and drive sales. But influencer marketing is undergoing some important changes in 2021. Find out what they are in this blog post.


Establishing KPIs in Today’s PR World

Patrick Brightman - 05/25/2021

Digital tools help to create a new era of KPIs to evaluate the effectiveness of a public relations program. Read our blog on which ones reveal the true value of PR.


iOS 14 Update and Facebook Ads: How to Adjust Your Strategy

Michael Calia - 04/28/2021

The dreaded word being uttered by marketers everywhere – iOS 14. The upcoming Apple update will impact your Facebook advertising strategy, but there are adjustments you can make to be prepared for these changes.


The Public Relations Autocomplete Experiment

Lee Groeger - 04/22/2021

We applied WIRED’s popular Autocomplete Interview series to what we do every day: Public Relations. We’re giving you the answers to the top questions internet dwellers have about public relations to satisfy your curiosity.


3 Ways to Create Thought Leadership

Amy Stern - 04/16/2021

The term thought leadership has been tossed around as a marketing buzz phrase for quite a while, but what does it mean? And what can it do for your company? In this blog post, we’ll define thought leadership, show you how to achieve it, and give you examples of how this strategy worked for our clients.


Is Your Brand Ready for a Crisis? These Eight Steps Will Help

Patrick Brightman - 03/22/2021

As the world “re-opens” brands need a sound crisis communications plan to avert potential issues. Following these eight steps can help companies prepare for the new normal.


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