social-media-engagement How to Satisfy Your Audience’s Needs on Social Media in 2019

Emily Maupai Zinberg - 01/16/2019

Social media users are feeling unsafe and exposed following the Facebook Cambridge Analytica Scandal, Russian-linked data harvesting, fake news, etc. However, they have also invested years in building their social media profiles and following. Although these users do not want to abandon their accounts, they are demanding transparency.

In addition, people active on social media require more captivating content than ever to hold their attention. How can brands deliver on these two requests in 2019?


Instagram_Emoji_Study 10 Ways to Gain Instagram Followers (The Right Way)

Lee Groeger - 01/04/2019

I’m proud to say that, at 3E Public Relations, we have a strict “no pay-for-play” policy when it comes to buying followers, comments, or participating in any form of activity intended to falsely bolster our clients’ social media platforms. Have we been asked if we provide that service? Of course. It’s just not our style, and in the long run, it’s not effective or sustainable…and Instagram agrees. In November 2018, the Facebook-owned social media giant finally cracked down on this shortcut,


How to Improve Franchise Lead Generation with Public Relations

Megan Redzia - 12/20/2018

Lead generation is one of the most important roles in a franchise organization, but it can also be one of the most challenging. The competitive franchise industry climate has made it more difficult than ever to get the attention of qualified candidates. When executed properly, a multi-pronged public relations strategy comprised of media relations, content development trade shows and social media can generate meaningful franchisee leads that will convert into sales. In this blog post,


summit_plaza_ribbon_cutting Case Study: Repositioning a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to Secure Media Coverage

Amy Stern - 12/05/2018

Public Relations Event Background

A team of real estate developers with a focus on preserving affordable housing across the United States came to 3E Public Relations requesting our event management expertise. They were planning a rededication and ribbon cutting ceremony for one of their properties in Jersey City known as Summit Plaza. Designated as Section 8 housing, Summit Plaza was recently transformed by Belveron Real Estate Partners and LIHC Investment Group with multiple improvements that went above and beyond the minimum requirements for HUD (Housing &


Spreading Warmth Throughout New Jersey This Holiday Season

Patrick Brightman - 11/28/2018

The 3E Public Relations (3E PR) team has much to be thankful for during this 2018 Holiday Season. We have tremendous relationships with each other, our partners and clients. One thing that I most enjoy about my fellow PR pros is that we share a belief that we should give our time and talents to worthy causes. While it feels great all the time, it is especially heartwarming during the holidays. This year, we have decided to help those less fortunate in New Jersey by participating in the Jersey Cares annual coat drive.


Guide to Social Media Advertising During the Holiday Season

Megan Redzia - 11/21/2018

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us! The holidays provide brands with an opportunity to drive awareness of their products, services and philanthropic initiatives on social media. But with consumers’ social media feeds overloaded with holiday messages and deals, how do you  stand out among the crowd of  content  and get the most out of your social media advertising budget? In this blog post, we  provide some  ways you can effectively reach your target audiences on social media during the holiday season.


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