Influencer relations reaps better ROI than influencer marketing Influencer Relations vs. Influencer Marketing: Which is Best for your Brand?

Patrick Brightman - 02/07/2018

In our previous post on influencer collaborations, we outlined influencer relations and influencer marketing. Once a brand decides it wants to engage with an influencer, marketers and product managers must evaluate and decide which method will work best in reaching their goals and objectives. In this blog, we delve into the differences between the two approaches and how to decide which is more valuable to your brand.

Influencer Relations

It’s important to note that since influencer collaborations are becoming increasingly popular,


power_of_influencer marketing_and_influencer relations The Power of Influencer Marketing and Influencer Relations

Patrick Brightman - 01/30/2018

Brands have more marketing paths than ever before to reach their ultimate destination – target audiences. Two methods that are gaining a lot of traction are Influencer Marketing and Influencer Relations. While these tactics are a relatively new tool in the marketing world, they share similar characteristics to some tried and true approaches, such as media relations. For this reason, brands turn to PR professionals for their influencer campaigns because they have the experience and skill set to conduct highly effective and impactful programs.


What Brands Need to Know About the New Facebook Algorithm and The Role of Influencers

Patrick Brightman - 01/22/2018

New Facebook Algorithm_Means_for_Brands There’s a new Facebook algorithm in town and brands everywhere are starting to wonder how this change is going to impact their social media presence. You may recall, the social giant made another algorithm change in 2016 that prioritized posts shared by friends and family over those from publishers, brands, and other pages. So, how is this new algorithm different and how will your brand’s social strategy be affected? In this blog, we’ll explain what led to Facebook’s decision,


The Value of Public Relations in Franchise Marketing – and How to Get Meaningful Results

Megan Redzia - 12/11/2017

value_of_public_relations_franchise_marketingWith new franchise concepts established virtually every day, how can you stay top of mind among your target audiences? There’s simply no more cost-effective way to accomplish this goal than public relations. From our experience, this marketing tactic usually brings a return of between 2x-3x the investment. Whether you’re a new fitness concept with only five locations or an established restaurant franchise with over 100 units, public relations can help you stand out from the crowd.


Case Study: How Integrating Public Relations and Social Media Expanded a Fast Casual Restaurant Franchise

Megan Redzia - 11/22/2017

An integrafranchise_public_relations_and_social_mediated public relations and social media program has the power to help franchise brands stand out from the crowd and build a loyal base of customers. In this blog, we’ll show you how incorporating these tactics into a centralized marketing plan helped an emerging fast-casual restaurant franchise expand across the country.

Fast Casual Restaurant Franchise Goals & Objectives

The fast casual restaurant segment has outpaced the restaurant industry for several years by providing customers with a unique value proposition.


Day in the Life at 3E PR and SGW

Jennifer Garavaglia - 08/07/2017

Blog Written By: Andrew Chirico, Senior at Washington College 

Today I’m going to take you through the average day of an intern at 3E Public Relations and SGW Integrated Marketing Communications, an affiliate marketing agency.

4:45 am: My alarm sounds off. I usually do a double take at the time, often surprised on how fast that night’s sleep went, and think about hitting the snooze for another 5 minutes.


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