New Facebook Tools Help Local Businesses Engage Target Audiences

Emily Maupai Zinberg - 08/14/2018

Are you a local business or service trying to reach your target audiences on Facebook? It’s hard to “feel the love” when new algorithm changes make it increasingly difficult for you to achieve your brand goals.

The marketing community is always grateful for new tools that help us reach and connect with consumers, but we’ve grown accustomed to Facebook platform changes challenging a brand’s social strategy. However, it appears Facebook’s decision to revamp the way businesses appear on its platform is in our favor– fingers crossed.


Tips on Writing Content for Voice Search

Patrick Brightman - 08/07/2018

“Alexa, how important is content in voice search?”

That’s a very important question, as Amazon Echo, Google Home, Siiri and similar voice technologies have changed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices. Though similarities – such as long-tail keywords and structured content – remain, understanding some subtle differences is critical to success for both consumer and B2B brands.

First, let’s talk numbers to gain perspective on why a voice search strategy is essential for any brand’s overall SEO plans.


How to Effectively Use Content to Improve SEO

Patrick Brightman - 07/19/2018

Search engine optimization (SEO), while important for more than a decade, seems to have jumped to the top of the marketing mix for many companies – both B2B and consumer. In all that time, there have been countless algorithm changes but one thing has remained constant – the value of content. With an effective content creation program that incorporates pillar pages and blogs, companies can achieve the much sought-after goal of appearing high on organic search for relevant keywords.


Trade Show Marketing Checklist for Fancy Food Show 2018: How to Catapult Your Brand from the Exhibit Floor to Grocery Shelf

Amy Stern - 06/13/2018

Whether you represent an existing food brand that’s a household name or an emerging brand just entering the market, you’ll want to put the best trade show marketing ideas into practice if you’ve made the decision to exhibit at the Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC (June 30-July 2, 2018). It’s a smart investment in generating new business and you want to maximize your return on investment. To help you hit a home run,


food_influecer_marketing_case_study Influencer Marketing Propels Brand Awareness for Organic Candy Maker

Amy Stern - 05/16/2018

One recurring question that comes up in most client meetings is the need for developing partnerships with influencers. Whether we are in a meeting in close proximity to our New Jersey office, or talking to a client across the country, influencer relations and marketing is a hot topic. Fortunately for our clients, including food brands, there is a recipe for success.

A case in point is Hillside Candy. The New Jersey-based company was seeking to increase brand awareness and product trial of its GoOrganic USDA-certified,


event_media_relations Attracting Media to an Event within an Event

Nancy Sergeant - 05/08/2018

Community mobile health outreach by a hospital is a core feeder of residents to population health-improving outpatient services in the areas surrounding the physical hospital. Hospitals and primary care groups often host a variety of regular screening events throughout the year so they may fade in to the background of your publicity efforts. As a result, they can become missed opportunities for media coverage. With a little creativity, the main event screenings can become the solid medical reason for a “what’s new” press hook that can cut through the competitive clutter for media coverage on a national health observance day event —


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