Planning an Event to Generate Press Coverage

Julianna Lepore - 09/29/2022

planning_an_event_to_generate_pressHas your company considered incorporating events into your marketing or public relations strategy? Planning a well-executed event that achieves desired objectives requires excellent organizational skills, patience, and passion from a devoted team of individuals. Read on for guidance and tips on planning an event that will leave attendees and media impressed.

A successful event begins with identifying key messages and target audience, as well as setting goals. For instance, are you looking for the event to increase brand awareness via a new product launch or to raise funds for a charitable organization?


Social Media Marketing 101: LinkedIn Best Practices

Michael Calia - 09/21/2022

These five rules will help B2B brands maximize LinkedIn engagement and generate a stronger ROI in their social media marketing strategies.


How to Pick a Social Media Influencer That is Good for your Brand

Emily Maupai Zinberg - 08/29/2022

Influencer marketing is a great tool for engaging consumers and creating more awareness for your brand. Read through our advice and tips for vetting and selecting the influencer that suits your brand the best.


Your Company Has Big News…Now What?

Lee Groeger - 08/05/2022

The truth is, sometimes, there’s just isn’t anything really newsworthy going on with a company. “Business as usual” is not a unique condition; in fact, I think it’s probably more the rule than the exception. It’s also a big reason why working with a good PR team that understands positioning strategy is so valuable–so when things are quiet, the wheels are still in motion to find or create news that can result in press coverage.


Great Summer Reads from Some of Our Storytellers

Patrick Brightman - 07/26/2022

As public relations, social media, and content producers, we here at 3E Public Relations fancy ourselves as storytellers. So, given how everyone is looking for that page-turner to help them relax during a summer vacation, we offer some of our favorite stories. Enjoy!


Social Media Campaign Checklist

Emily Maupai Zinberg - 07/11/2022

Read through our social media campaign checklist before creating or planning your next campaign to avoid pitfalls and ensure success.


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