5 Ways to Optimize a Public Relations Campaign

Patrick Brightman - 11/20/2020

Looking to optimize your PR campaign? Here are five steps to build an effective brand message and secure editorial placements in targeted media.


Franchise Social Media Guidebook and Policy: What’s the Difference?

Megan Redzia - 11/13/2020

If your franchise allows franchisees to have their own profiles on social media, you need to set the foundation for a consistent brand presence online. There are two documents that can help to protect a franchisor and ensure customers have a seamless brand experience: a social media policy and social media guidelines. Find out what is included in each of these franchisor tools and why it’s important to have both.


How to Properly Use Hashtags in Social Media Marketing

Michael Calia - 10/28/2020

Properly using hashtags in your social media marketing strategy drives more people to interact with your content, further expanding your brand presence.


PR in a Pandemic: The Key to Securing Coverage Now

Amy Stern - 10/23/2020

When it comes to marketing strategies, public relations remains one of the most cost effective-methods to achieving brand awareness, third party credibility and thought leadership. Check out these proven tactics for securing media placement now.


Public Relations and Content Marketing: Their Dynamic Relationship

Lee Groeger - 10/15/2020

Public relations and content marketing efforts should overlap to achieve consistency and strengthen brand communication. Learn about how they can be integrated.


3 Reasons Your Brand Needs a Social Media Audit

Megan Redzia - 09/29/2020

A social media audit sets the roadmap for a successful social media strategy by providing an objective view of your brand’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.


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