social media advertising Social Media Advertising 101: Four Tips to Optimize Campaigns

Michael Calia - 09/22/2021

Optimizing social media advertising campaigns can mean the difference between strong performance and wasted marketing budget.


What Can You Expect from Your Public Relations Program?

Patrick Brightman - 08/21/2021

How do you know if your public relations program is working and when will you see results? These are two questions regularly asked whose answers may surprise you.


6 Social Media Metrics Worth Your Attention in 2021

Lee Groeger - 08/17/2021

No matter how big, successful or established 3E PR’s clients are, we have found that there’s an overwhelming consensus when it comes to social media metrics: they’re confusing. And they can be! What’s the difference between impressions and reach? Why is click-through rate one thing and clicks another? Why don’t all the followers of a page see every single one of that page’s posts? These are just a few of the most common,


public_relations_newjacking Newsjacking – the Secret Weapon to Enhancing Your Marketing and Public Relations Efforts

Amy Stern - 08/05/2021

Newsjacking is the art and science of injecting your ideas into breaking and trending news stories so your brand and experts get noticed. It’s an effective media relations strategy that can create thought leadership opportunities – if done properly. Here’s how.


TikTok_Instagram_Video_Changes TikTok and Instagram Make Video Content a Priority for Brands

Megan Redzia - 07/27/2021

Competing platforms TikTok and Instagram are making changes as a response to consumer video preferences. What does that mean for brands? The bar is going to be set high for engaging, user-friendly video content. Learn more about the recent updates to TikTok and Instagram and how you should update your social media strategy to take advantage of them.


public_relations_strategy What Makes a Public Relations Strategy Successful?

Megan Redzia - 07/19/2021

Before hiring a public relations agency, it’s important to understand what makes a PR strategy successful. No matter the size of your company or industry you are in, there are six components to an effective public relations program. Find out what they are in this blog post.


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