10 Mind-Blowing Ways to Use an Eraser

Patrick Brightman - 06/13/2016

dscf0108-editedHappy National Rubber Eraser Day! Here at 3E PR we are celebrating by using our erasers in unconventional ways.

Make an eraser your back-up. Literally. Use a pencil eraser as a makeshift earring backing in S.O.S situations.

Polish jewelry at no cost. Who needs a specific cleaning agent when you have an eraser?

Clean your electronics. From flat screens to cellphones, an eraser can get the job done.

Remove sticker residue. Don’t get annoyed when stickers don’t peel off at once. Use an eraser to remove the gunk!

Extend battery life. Erase dirt away from the contact points of rechargeable batteries to lengthen their lifespan.

Clean a Muddy Boot. Got mud stuck on your boots after a weekend hike? Use an eraser to get that gunk out.

Clean mud off the bottoms on boots with a pencil eraser. It’s the perfect size to get between the treads!

Create a custom pattern. Dip your pencil eraser or pointy eraser into paint. Stamp a custom pattern for a unique gift wrap!

Protect your walls. Use pencil erasers on the back corners of frames that may cause scratches.

dscf0112-editedMore than just an office supply. Use your large eraser as a pin cushion for your corkboard or use a pencil eraser to clean your keyboard!

Pamper yourself. Use a pencil eraser to start a manicure. Tame your cuticles by gently pushing them back on the nail bed.

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