Celebrating Family at 3E PR

Megan Redzia - 12/19/2019

As 2019 comes to a close, we can’t help but feel incredibly lucky here at 3E Public Relations. Like most years, 2019 was filled with ups and downs, rewards and challenges, significant gains and major losses. What’s most important is that we celebrated the good times and got through the bad times together as a team.

This year at 3E PR we were fortunate to commemorate:

  • The induction of 3E PR President Patrick Brightman into the Advertising Hall of Fame of New Jersey
  • Emily Zinberg, Director, Social Media & Digital Marketing, being named one of Jersey’s Best Under 40 by the New Jersey Advertising Club
  • Earning six awards from the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and New Jersey Ad Club for our client work
  • Megan Redzia, Executive Vice President, being recognized as an NJBIZ “Forty Under 40” winner

When we asked the members of 3E PR what they are grateful for this year, it confirmed what we already knew in our hearts. We are a very special group of professionals who value two things immensely – our personal families and the 3E PR family.

Family – The number one thing we are grateful for – and rightly so.

“I’m blessed to have a terrific family who supports me in everything I do. In 2019, my children have shown tremendous growth and have made me proud in so many ways.” – Patrick Brightman

“I have an incredible family who makes it possible to dedicate myself to 3E PR through their support and encouragement. This year, we’re extra blessed to be expecting our second son due February 2020!” – Megan Redzia

The 3E PR Team – We are fortunate to have a team of professionals that value and encourage one another.

Amazing, supportive, understanding and empowering 3E PR family who share my personal AND professional struggles on a day-to-day basis. Also, grateful that my work family allows me to be my goofy, sarcastic, and dramatic self and accepts me for it!” – Michelle Michaels

“In addition to being the best of the best professionally, the 3E team is such a perfect mix of considerate, compassionate, and loving personalities that creates a true family environment, which constantly motivates and inspires me to give it my all every day to help this team succeed.” – Michael Calia

“It has taken years to build a team of co-workers that excel in what they do, are committed to doing the best job possible, and truly care about each other. This year, each 3E PR person has shined in all settings.” – Patrick Brightman

We all know that separating your work life and personal life is near impossible; the lines will undoubtedly blur. We take pride in being a team that supports and cares for each other when that happens.

The 3E PR team looks forward to another year of doing amazing work for our clients, continuing to grow as professionals, and making more memories with our families – at work and home. Here’s to you, 2020!


3E PR Executive Vice President Megan Redzia and her family.

3E PR Senior Vice President Amy Stern and her grandchildren.

3E PR President Patrick Brightman and his family.

3E PR Vice President Lee Groeger and her family.

3E PR Senior Account Executive Michelle Michael’s and her siblings.

3E PR Account Executive Michael Calia and his family.

3E PR Senior Vice President Nancy Sergeant’s husband and son.

3E PR Director, Social Media & Digital Marketing Emily Zinberg and her family.

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