Nestlé Health Science Compleat®

Patrick Brightman - 08/03/2022

Summary: The 3E PR team helped Nestlé Health Science Compleat® Organic Blends during the release of their new product. This was done through the efforts of social media development, integrated communications marketing, and advertising. 

Challenge: Effectively launch Nestlé Health Science Compleat® Organic Blends to the tube-feeding community. Drive product trials through the sampling program to help achieve a goal of $1.5 million in sales. Establish Nestlé Health Science as a caring, active member and educational resource.

Action: Create branded Compleat Facebook and Instagram pages. Leverage organic content, pixel data, compelling platform-specific imagery, influencer marketing, and paid strategy (boosting and advertising)

Results: During launch, the Facebook page curated 21,000+ qualified followers, reached almost 800,000 users, and received 43,000+ engagements. In only 5 months, the Instagram page received over 28,000 impressions and over 840 engagements. The influencer campaign resulted in relationships with 8 influencers.

It was determined that social media was the top driver of sampling Nestlé Health Science exceeded Compleat sales goal by 30%.




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