QuVa Pharma

Patrick Brightman - 09/24/2021


The 3E PR team task was to introduce a new player into the pharmaceutical industry. Using an aggressive media relations program, we effectively positioned the start-up company as a thought leader in compounding outsourcing.


The goal was to increase brand awareness for an emerging brand in the uber-specialized pharma category of compounding outsourcing. Adding to the challenge was overcoming existing negative press regarding the compounding market related to patient safety. Plus, we had to grab share of voice from the category leader with 70% market share and organic search dominance.


3E PR implemented an aggressive media relations campaign. We crafted key messaging that emphasized the brand’s leadership and focused on QuVa’s key points of difference: experience, safety, and customer service.

Editorial efforts focused on dispelling poor industry practices while sharing trending data that educated the target audiences about the reality of safely producing products during times of shortage.


3E PR’s efforts catapulted QuVa from a start-up to an industry contender. Its CEO was quoted on a variety of topics, including  the necessity of compounding outsourcing and insights on emerging trends and safety practices.

Most articles included backlinks, helping QuVa appear on the first three pages of key Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). This was critical while we launched the company’s website. 3E PR also developed content for the new site to stand on its own in key SEO terms.


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