Lee Groeger
Vice President

Lee’s experience runs the gamut of industries, from health and wellness to healthcare and medical; lifestyle and beauty to consumer packaged goods; finance to telecommunications, and more. She has spearheaded national media campaigns and grass roots tours, launched small startups, and worked on some of the country’s most recognizable brand names. With a decade-long portfolio that reflects a healthy balance of B2B and consumer work, she has cultivated an understanding of the various sides of a business, providing her with a well-balanced perspective.

An avid writer from a young age, Lee enjoys the challenge of developing just the right set of words to communicate a message effectively, whether it’s a blog headline, campaign slogan, or tweet. Everyone who knows (and loves) Lee understands her passion and respect for the English language; if she were a superhero, she would be Grammar Girl. Her love of connecting people, whether for business or pleasure, has earned her the nickname, The Super Connector.


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