Lee Groeger
Senior Vice President

With nearly two decades in public relations, Lee’s experience runs the gamut of industries, from consumer-focused health and wellness and CPG to e-commerce logistics, optical devices, and other trade-focused enterprises. Her contributions span the full scope of public relations including media relations, social media, event planning, content creation, copywriting, editing and more.

Working at PR agencies whose rosters reflect a balance of general and vertical-specific clients has provided her with a broad range of experience, allowing her to remain agile and able to cultivate a well-rounded perspective on the various needs, considerations and concerns of any business.

An avid writer from a young age, Lee enjoys the challenge of developing the perfect combination of words to communicate the right message to the right audience. It doesn’t take long for anyone to notice her passion and respect for the English language; if she could be a superhero, she would be Grammar Girl (and one Halloween, she was). Lee’s love of language is matched only by the joy she gets from networking and making connections–for business and pleasure–which has earned her the nickname,  The Super Connector.


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