Integrated PR, Social, and Content Program Leads to Thought Leadership for Technology Company

Patrick Brightman - 01/23/2022

3E PR implemented a content program integrating PR, social media, and content development to help position a tech client as a thought leader.

Content is King is a mantra endorsed by most marketers, as well as CEOs such as Bill Gates. Most successful “reigns” are those in which content is leveraged across all media – earned, owned, and paid – to create thought leadership. 3E Public Relations (3E PR) utilized an integrated content approach for a client that helped the technology solutions company position itself ahead of competitors in the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) market.

Strategy Before Implementation

The first step in any successful marketing communications program is to establish a sound strategy built on strong and distinctive messaging. The campaign in which 3E PR took part was no different. Planning meetings led to creating a few key messages that centered on unique selling propositions (USPs) for the client. Trends within the emerging IoT technologies also became a focus.

Our client has clear differentiators from competitors that serve as key talking points. One USP is that the company has been at the forefront of emerging wireless markets. Competitors do not have the same leadership track record for all three technology generations (3G/4G/5G) that shape the communications industry. Another key benefit is that the brand develops tailored solutions rather than merely products. That translates to a more customized approach to meet customers’ specific requirements.

A focus on market pain points and how to alleviate them were the pillars for an educational approach. IoT is introducing multiple wireless technologies into traditionally wire-lined environments. That means engineers must develop and integrate products into unfamiliar territory. It was agreed to produce educational materials that would be welcomed into such an emerging market. By doing so, the client is a “go-to” resource.

Consistent Messaging Across All Tactics

Of equal importance is to ensure that these key messages are implemented with a consistent voice across each initiative. Such an approach brings multiple advantages:

Message Retention – Repeating the key messages throughout all the elements helps the target audience remember those differentiators. It also helps the brand better resonate with the target personas.

Efficiency – Utilizing the same messages and voice throughout all the marketing tools also creates efficiencies when preparing marketing materials. Faster and less time-consuming approvals are achieved and a synergistic approach is used to create the tools to shorten the overall design and production calendar.

Budget – Time efficiencies due to the content only requiring minor editing to fit the format of the respective content piece also reaps financial benefits. There is an economy of scale that helps keep all the marketing materials within the overall budget.

Integrated Campaign Implementation

A fully integrated campaign is key to the program’s success. 3E PR is tasked with four content elements of the campaign.

IoT Application Note – The base of the campaign is an application note entitled The Benefits of RF Testing for Mission-Critical IoT Designs. It focuses on educating the reader on the challenges associated with IoT products.

The note covers several mission-critical IoT applications, as well as common RF test methods for IoT and their respective challenges. Finally, next-generation test solutions are presented along with the “hidden” bottom-line benefits that specific test equipment can provide.

Trade Article – A pro-active media relations campaign resulted in multiple editorial placements, including a by-lined article in a leading trade media property. Recognizing the emerging nature of IoT, the article takes an educational and trends approach. The theme is how test helps tame IoT’s “Wild West.” The earned media placement focuses on all the key messages established during the planning stage.

The article addresses the implementation of various technologies into different markets and the challenges engineers experience. It also details the tests necessary to verify product performance and the integrated test solutions needed to conduct those measurements.

Blog – The “Wild West” concept was repurposed for a post on the client’s blog that focuses on thought leadership. The content conveyed the same messaging as the article with a slightly different voice. It invokes blog best practices for search engine optimization (SEO), as well. Additionally, the blog is driving traffic to the app note as part of lead-generation initiatives.

Social Media – All owned media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, are part of the campaign. Social media posts are prepared to highlight the app note, article, and blog. Other educational materials developed by the client are used for additional content. These latter posts support the lead-generation initiatives implemented by the technology leader.

To support the educational aspect of the campaign, 3E PR conducts research on leading trade media properties and associations to uncover statistics and newsworthy content. We share content from these third parties, as well as create our own posts based upon the data.

Complementary Marketing Elements

The client has initiated other initiatives directly. These included webinars, digital advertising, and video content. All the elements are consistent with the messaging and educational tone established during the strategy sessions.

To discuss how to implement an integrated content strategy that can help establish a brand as a thought leader and create leads, contact me. 3E Public Relations - Patrick Brightman


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