3E PR Welcomes Summer Interns: Career Prep with a Daily Dose of Inspiration

Emily Maupai Zinberg - 06/11/2015

The school year may have come to a close for college students this month, but their education is certainly not over. That’s right – it’s summer internship season!

devil-wears-pradaThe days of sending interns scurrying off to get the afternoon caffeine fix are long gone. Note to college students reading this blog: if someone asks you to go get them coffee, please walk out the door, run if you prefer, and do not return. Internships are about offering up and coming professionals a real life experience that they cannot obtain in the classroom (yes, no matter how intelligent and experienced your favorite, quirky professor is).

So, 3E PR is pleased to welcome three new interns who will be joining us for the summer. Each intern brings unique knowledge and experiences gathered through their college courses and previous internships. We look forward to the wave of fresh air and perspective that intern minds can offer to any agency or company environment, as they have not been exposed to the “real world” yet. “Real World” inhabitants: you’re picking up what we’re putting down.

3E PR will teach our interns to navigate the public relations and social media landscapes, while also demonstrating how to think beyond them. A press release is no longer just a press release. It is just one piece of a content strategy, intricately crafted to communicate each client’s brand messaging. We will educate them to consider each piece of the puzzle before trying to put it all together.

Our biggest hope is for our interns to walk out our doors at the end of their internship finding themselves closer to identifying what they’re truly passionate about. We all know how hard it can be to figure out our passions as it relates to a possible career.

Over the next couple months, you’ll be hearing from each of our interns through our social media posts and, right here, on our 3E PR blog.

Meet the 3E PR Summer 2015 Internship Team below:


Bryan Plutchok is rising junior majoring in marketing and sales at Indiana University. He is hoping to further his knowledge of the different areas of marketing, and determine what field he would like to pursue after college.


Nicholas Sergeant is a rising junior majoring in psychology at the University of Arizona. He is looking to gain experience in public relations and other forms of customer outreach to strengthen his skills, and further determine what career path to choose after college.


Julia Rizio is a rising senior majoring in History at Princeton University. This summer Julia is looking forward to having a “real life” work experience and develop the skills to help market a company.

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