Managing A Press Conference

Dave Scelba - 03/11/2014

For the Boys and Girls Club press conference featuring Victor Cruz the well-known wide receiver of the NY Giants football franchise we had a specific agenda to follow. And while our primary goal was to get at least 50% of the reporters from each media category to the event we also had a secondary objective. Before, during and after the press conference we wanted to secure as many one-on-one individual press meetings as possible. We wanted to create a competitive environment that we knew would extend and generate an increase our overall media coverage.


Develop a Press Conference Logistics Strategy

Dave Scelba - 03/04/2014

Remember the old saying, timing is everything?  Well it’s true, so just remember even if you’ve created the best feel good, heartfelt story, and the majority of the media sent an RSVP that they’ll be there, some things, like the weather, are completely out of your control. So plan for the unexpected and pray you’re not hit with a tornado, hurricane, earthquake, typhoon, or any other natural or unnatural disaster  With that in mind you should always have your own photographer and video crew to cover the press conference.


Create a Compelling Press Conference Story

Dave Scelba - 02/24/2014

PR people need a good compelling elevator pitch to sell the producers and press desks. Strong upfront pitching is critical to securing good attendance by journalist and reporters and ensuring a successful press attendance. So to craft a newsworthy pitch story make sure it’s short, timely, emits emotion and will be impactful to viewers, listeners, readership and online followers. To get reporters to a press conference you’ll need a good hook and your story is the hook included in all media alerts and invites.


Choosing the Proper Media Event

Dave Scelba - 02/17/2014

Journalists are overworked and under paid. So, holding a frivolous non-newsworthy press event will be viewed as a total waste of their valuable time and damage, rather than bolster, your company’s reputation. That’s why it’s important to respect a reporter’s schedule and choose the proper media venue or event to make your announcement or tell your story. Good public relations firms have the experience and relationships to help make the best decision for their clients.


Google’s Recent Update Not the End of Press Releases

Patrick Brightman - 02/04/2014

Growing up, there were only two certainties, at least that was how the old saying went. “Death and taxes.” In today’s digital world, a third certainty has arisen – Google will change its SEO criteria.

Such was the case back in the summer when the search giant updated the Link Schemes in its Webmaster Guidelines. Basically, Google stated that links in press releases are “unnatural” and that a no follow should be included in links for optimized anchor text.


Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling: The “GPS” Of Communication

Lee Groeger - 02/04/2014

Using propper grammer spelling and punctuation is importent.

If you are a journalist, and that sentence was included in an e-mail I sent you, you just deleted it, and I lost whatever chance I had of working with you. If you are simply a reasonably educated individual, it might have just annoyed you. The fact of the matter is, using proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling (GPS) is important, and not just for those who work in word-laden professions.

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